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Archive for October, 2008

In education, we take pride in good answers. But in order to get good answers, you’ve got to have good questions. Bad questions can cause all sorts of problems. Take, for example, the education question in the final debate between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. In case you missed it, here is the lead-in: [...]

There are still three weeks left to nominate a teacher for the upcoming 2009 Minnesota Teacher of the Year award. Anyone can nominate a candidate, so if you’ve had a teacher that has had an impact on your life or whose teaching you greatly respect, nominating them for Minnesota Teacher of the Year is a [...]

I understand that the financial crisis stands in the forefront of voters’ minds, but seriously, couldn’t education at least have made an appearance in the latest CNN Election Issue Tracker? Is it really buried in the 2% of the “Other” category? And education loses to illegal immigration? Sigh.
I’d be interested in seeing a poll that [...]

ING: Thank you!

I wanted to extend a special note of thanks to our local ING Investments office. A few weeks ago they sent me an email telling me that I had been selected to be the recipient of their school supplies drive for this year. It turns out that every year their office collects random supplies from [...]

Kudos to the celebrities who took the time to be involved in this excellent public service announcement encouraging people to both register and vote. Nicely done, and spread it around…
Warning: Contains some swearing and strong language inappropriate for young children.

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