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Archive for November, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the individual “Why I Teach” videos that each of the 2008 Teachers of the Year created in New York City in late September. Recently, the Pearson Foundation took those videos and had a compilation done with some segments from about half the videos.
You can watch the video [...]

MinnPost, the Twin Cities’ respected and growing online news site, is running a five-part series this week on segregation in Minnesota’s schools. It’s great to see MinnPost bring education to the forefront of their news coverage. With the economy, energy, the election, and foreign policy dominating news coverage of late, it seems that there has [...]

“I can’t believe it passed!” If I’ve heard this comment once, I’ve heard it a dozen times this week from teachers at Robbinsdale Armstrong High School, where I teach in the mornings. This Tuesday, while most districts saw requests for increased funding get denied, residents in the Robbinsdale school district approved not one, but two [...]

In early October, the Pearson Foundation brought all the 2008 National State Teachers of the Year to New York City to make two-minute videos titled “Why We Teach”. Each Teacher of the Year created a short speech and brought some photos to a Manhattan studio. We spent an afternoon making our videos with the [...]

The quality of a school system directly impacts home values and overall community quality, and after-school programs are one of the many reasons. Every year I see the difference that sports, music, and arts programs can make in kids. Occasionally I hear opponents of the upcoming school referendums in Minnesota say that we don’t need [...]